Roofing Slate

Quality black roofing slate is one of hot selling roofing of Westone. We have several assortment of quality black slates on tiny difference of color, but basicly, they has similar character such as low water absorption, durable, non-weathering and non-fading. WEI-408B black slate passed BS680 and ASTM standard. Normal size is 600x300mm, 500x250mm and 400x250mm, thickness is 5-7mm, 6-8mm, 7-9mm etc.

This is only a brief introduction for Westone quality roofing slate, you can review for more detailed and professional comments.


Cheap black roofing slate is another good seller in Westone roofing slate ranges. It has nice texture, good hardness, low water absorption etc, it is "cheap" because of its huge output and a little bit higher content of calcium, but this roofing slate material is used for many economical project.

For more information about cheap black roofing slate, please review roofing slate content.


We also have following roofing slate in diffrent color.

quality roofing slate riven roofing slate green roofing slate purple roofing slate mystic grey roofing slate multicolor roofing slate


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Slate directory
The catalogue of comprehensive roofing slates including blue black slate, grey slate, green slate, multicolor slate, gold slate, rust slate.