Westone is very important slate and stone resource for every slate or stone importers, distributors, wholesalers and residential or commercial project contractors all over the world.

Rely on the professional and honest spirit, Westone developed a famouse Chinese roofing slate manufacturer and supplier in the world. Especially in black roofing slates, Westone is the largest Chinese roofing slate supplier now, its customers distribute Westone slate throughout Europe, USA and the asia-pacific region. In Great Britain for example, Westone established long-term and stable relationship of cooperation with several largest roofing slate importers in UK. Westone covered nearly 70% of the Great British for Chinese roofing slate market.

Main Products of Westone

Slate quarry producer and supplier in a variety of colors for use in roofing slate, flooring slate, slate pavers, wall stone veneer and billiard slate since 1983.

Billiard slate
Westone is main manufacturer and supplier of billiard slate, pool table slate and snooker slate, who firstly led Chinese billiard slate to the world.

Granite cube and setts
Produce of granite paving stone, granite setts, cube stone for landscape

Cork products
Cork floor tile, cork rolls, sheets, cork underlayment etc.